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What You Need to Know About Your Thermography Visit

Pre-Scan Instructions
Before you arrive for your thermogram, following these instructions will help ensure
that your images reflect the most accurate information. Please review them the
evening prior to your appointment.
• You Cannot Be Screened If Within 3 Months…
• You’ve had an accident, injury, or surgery in the area we will be screening.
• You’ve had a needle or surgical biopsy on the area we will be screening.
• You’ve had radiation therapy or chemotherapy in the area we will be screening.
• You’ve used black salve in the area we will be screening.
• You’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or lactating.
• If you currently have a rash, sunburn, or abrasion in the area we will be screening,
contact our office to discuss this further.
Please call to discuss options if any of the above apply at (210) 305-5077
Please Avoid the Following:

• Any type of bodywork (acupuncture,
massage, extreme chiropractic
• Any topical products in the areas we will
be scanning
Deodorant or antiperspirant
• Shaving: If you choose to shave your
underarms, please do so the day before
your appointment.
• Anything that could affect the dilation or
constriction of your blood vessels
(caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol)
• Anything that could affect your core
body temperature (strenuous exercise or
physical exertion)
• Anything that causes heat to your body
(an extremely hot shower or sauna,
prolonged sun exposure/sunburn/tanning

Complete Your Paperwork (Required for Each Visit)
We understand the inconvenience of completing paperwork each time you visit. However, we
require paperwork to be completed at each appointment to ensure that the information is current.
Please click on the hyperlink below to open and complete your forms, then click submit.
or you may do either of the following: Print and bring them to your appointment or arrive 20
minutes early and complete them in our office.
Have any questions before your appointment?
Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 210-305-