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Dr Melissa Miskell Ob-Gyn

Dr. Melissa Miskell
About Dr miskell

Dr Miskell is the Medical Director for Hormones by Design and is closely involved in patient care over all five of the Hormones by Design locations. At the start of her career, she performed a wide number of roles giving her a unique perspective on patient health. Through her initial work in Primary Care through to Director of a Community Clinic, she gained experience in a wide range of medicine. Then, in private practice as an Ob-Gyn she saw the difficulties and expenses involved in helping those with hormone imbalances to get effective help. As a result she formed her own protocol for delivering Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to her patients which she has been using and fine-tuning for over 20 years. She created her own lab, allowing her to offer her patients very low cost lab fees and opening up access to BHRT for her patients. 

She is also proud to be the Executive Director of PINCC,  preventing cervical cancer – globally, from 2017 until the present. PINCC is a non-profit organization that trains healthcare workers in to recognize cervical dysplasia and treat it before it becomes cervical cancer, building sustainable clinics around the world.


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Administrative Chief Resident – 1999-2000
Obstetrics/Gynecology Resident -1996-2000

University of North Texas Health Sciences Center
Doctor of Ostepathy. – June 1996

Texas Tech University
M.S.-Interdisciplinary Studies – Dec 1986
B.S.-Zoology – May 1984
B.A.-Chemistry – May 1984


Peer Reviewed Publications

The Combination of Smoking and Oral Contraceptives in Women’s Health. – Journal of Clinical Practical Sexual Health.

Dr Miskell and Hormones By Design