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Some of the most common FAQs

We do not.  We have founded our practice on affordable pricing for exceptional health care.

We have very affordable cash rates for our lab testing…you will be pleasantly surprised!  However, established patients can use insurance for their labs. We cannot verify lab benefits for patients, so we recommend that you know your lab benefits prior to your lab draw.

Yes (with the exception of Medicare).  We are designed as a cash-based practice, but our Billing Manager can provide you with a Superbill to file your own insurance claim.  However, Medicare does not allow this.  We are unable to provide Medicare patients with a Superbill.

You may begin treatment immediately at your first appointment.

This is mainly patient preference.  Most of our patients prefer the injections due to the way they can be changed and perfected each month based on your labs and symptoms.  However, some patients travel too much and need oral prescriptions or time-released pellets (hormone implants).

For a hormone test you do not need to fast.  If your provider is testing something other than hormones it is best to ask if you need to fast.