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There are hundreds of clinics attempting to treat hormone imbalance. What makes us different?

We create personalized monthly hormone injections for women using bioidentical hormones! There are no worries for the rest of the month or having to remember daily creams or pills. Everything is taken care of in 5 minutes for the entire month!

As well, treatment can easily be adjusted from month to month to make sure we get it exactly right.

What’s even more exciting is that all of this is incredibly affordable, even on a tight budget.

We listen, then we take action. Our model makes it possible for us to start your treatment on day one.

Faster Treatment = Feel Better Faster!

Get Your Life Back

Same day treatment means feeling better on day one.

Women and Men

We offer services for both women and men at specific locations.

Low Cost Labs

We have our own lab and offer very low pricing for your testing.

Dr. Melissa Miskell

The Hormones By Design Difference…Monthly Injections

Get Freedom From the Symptoms of Menopause with our unique Hormone Replacement Therapy!

Our low-cost, high-quality lab work is reviewed by one of our highly skilled practitioners who will then prescribe a once-per-month bioidentical hormone replacement injection customized to each patient. 

This makes achieving excellent hormonal balance as streamlined, accurate, time-efficient, and cost-efficient as it can possibly get!

Step one: Listen to the needs of the patient
Step two: Draw necessary lab work
Step three: Treat the patient with a monthly bioidentical hormone INJECTION that is tailored exactly to you based on your labwork and which you can do yourself.

Feel better ASAP!

what you might be experiencing

The Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Women typically go through peri-menopause starting in their 40’s, then proceed on to menopause at some point in their 50’s (the average age of menopause in the U.S. is 51). During these decades women can experience a whole myriad of symptoms including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Low sex drive (libido)
  • Hair loss

Most men also experience unwanted symptoms due to andropause, such as weight gain, fatigue, loss of muscle mass and more. 

And one doesn’t need to be in their 40s or greater. Hormone imbalance can happen as a result of other causes, such as medications, stress, trauma, pregnancy, and genetics. So if you suspect that your hormones are not as balanced as they should be, it is so easy to get tested.


What We Offer

Hormone Balance

Your hormones work together like a symphony. When they are out of balance you can experience a wide range of unwanted symptoms.

Thyroid Treatment

Your thyroid is what determines your metabolism. If your thyroid is under-performing you can experience fatigue, weight gain and other symptoms.


We offer many aesthetics procedures to help you defy time, improve skin tone and enhance beauty. Turn back the clock to look and feel younger.

HBD Clinics and Lab

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2200 Park Bend Drive, Building 1, Suite 201 Austin, Texas 78758
HOURS Mon: 8–4, Tues - Thurs: 7– 4, Fri: 8–12 Noon.
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San Antonio

21218 Market Ridge, Suite 101 San Antonio, Texas 78258
Mon – Thurs: 8–5,
Fri: 8–12 noon
Phone: 210-305-5077

New Braunfels

598 N Union Ave Suite 300
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
HOURS: Mon–Thurs: 7:00am–4:00pm, Fri 7:20am-12pm
Phone: 830-627-7979


31007 I-10 Suite 115
Boerne, TX 78006
Mon – Thurs: 8–5, Fri: 8–12 noon
Phone: 830-981-9540


1201 Hewitt Drive Suite 105 B Waco, TX 76712
HOURS: Mon: 8:00–3:30, Tues: 6:40–3:30, Wed: 6:40–3:30, Thurs: 6:40–3:30, Fri: 8–12
Clinic Phone: 254-230-4225

Our HBD Lab

Lab address: 1201 Hewitt Drive Suite 204 Waco, TX 76712
HOURS: Mon: 8:00–3:30, Tues: 6:40–3:30, Wed: 6:40–3:30, Thurs: 6:40–3:30, Fri: 8–12
Lab Phone: 254-230-4758


What They Say

I’ve been a patient here almost17 years and I’ve stayed because of the care and kindness I’ve received from PA Rae Benson. She is very helpful & compassionate, a person who listens and offers great insights for overall health and life lessons.

Bridgette J. Patient

Always friendly staff. We have been coming to see them for years now and they have helped us tremendously with our overall health. Marcie is great at listening to you and providing the best possible care! I am extremely grateful.

Briana C. Patient

It always feel more like a therapeutic visit to a spa when I go there. Dr. Miskell and PA Mazuca are amazing. They take their time with you and really empathize well. They are very informative and compassionate. You’re treated more like a friend than a number.

ADG Patient
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