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Dr. Keeli Stumbo Hormone Replacement Q&A

Keeli Stumbo, M.D. New Braunfels Clinic

Dr. Keeli Stumbo has been a practicing Gynecologist since 1999 and knows Women’s Healthcare. She has lived all over the state of Texas and is happy to now call New Braunfels home again. She is truly passionate about helping you with hormone imbalance. She understands how hormone imbalance can have negative effects on your life and relationships. She also insists on only using bio-identical hormones (hormones that are replicas of the hormones made by the human body). She is proud to join the team at Hormones by Design where we only use bio-identical hormones.

In her spare time, Dr. Stumbo enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and exercising.

Dr. Keeli Stumbo and Hormone Replacement

In this video, Dr. Stumbo discusses the key differences between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones, explaining why she prefers bioidentical hormones for her patients. She also covers the early signs of hormone imbalance that women should be aware of, such as lack of sleep, mood swings, changes in sex drive, and fatigue. Dr. Stumbo emphasizes the importance of tailoring each treatment plan to an individual’s unique needs by listening to the patient’s story and acting on it.