What is Telemedicine?


For those that are needing more information about Telemedicine, we have put together a Q&A to answer common questions. If there is a question you still have that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

  1. What is Telemedicine?  Telemedicine is like a Skype or Face Time call.  It is a two-way, face-to-face video conference.
  2. Why are you not just using Skype or Face Time then? Skype and Face Time are not HIPAA compliant/secure.  Our program that we use is
  3. Do I have to download something? Nope. The link that we send to you automatically connects you to the secure video conference.
  4. Do I have to do it on my phone? Nope.  You can do it on your computer but your computer MUST HAVE speakers and a video camera.
  5. So how does this work then? Suzi will send you a text if you want to use your phone, or an email if you want to use your computer.  You click on the link in the text or email and that connects you to the call.  You will see Suzi on the screen.
  6. Can I not just wait a few months to go over my results? We recommend that you continue your care just like normal with this face-to-face video visit.  This allows us to make sure your medications are working correctly and give you plenty of refills just like normal.

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