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4 Common Activities that Trigger Hot Flashes

4 Common Activities that Trigger Hot Flashes

Yep, you know you are having a hot flash when you feel like you are going to spontaneously combust.  Nothing sounds better than standing in front of the open freezer door (and even then, that is not cool enough).  Well, there are some things in life that promote hot flashes.  If at all possible, you should try to minimize doing these things…

  • Drinking alcohol—I know, that glass of wine at the end of the day is one of the ways you relax.  I understand!  However, alcohol can trigger a histamine response in many women (you can see this when your cheeks start to get flushed after drinking).  This histamine response can also trigger a hot flash.  Try to limit your alcohol consumption and take a supplement like Xymogen’s Hist DAO before drinking.  (More on Xymogen below)
  • Eating spicy foods—Mexican, Thai, or Chinese…all these foods tend to be spicy.  Consumption of spicy foods tends to make you flush and sweat, leading to increased hot flashes.  Limit your consumption of spicy foods when possible.
  • Smoking—If you needed one more reason to quit, here it is.  Smoking increases hot flashes.  However, if you have a genetic predisposition to poor estrogen metabolism and increased sensitivity to environmental toxins smoking can make menopause in general more severe.  Consider kicking the habit.
  • Getting overheated—By this I mean getting overheated with no real way to cool down effectively.  Painting in a hot room with no air conditioning, or just being outside during a summer day in Texas.  Once you start the sweating and flushing, a full-blown hot flash can follow.  Try to plan these activities when the temperatures are not soaring.

avoid spicy foods to avoid hot flashes

One thing to always consider when dealing with hot flashes is when to see a hormone specialist.  Remember you don’t have to suffer.  Bio-Identical hormones can help replenish your levels to where you feel good again!  A simple blood test can tell your hormone doctor what you need to be taking and how much.Dr. Melissa Miskell is the Medical Director of Hormones by Design, a bio-identical hormone replacement center in Waco and Boerne, Texas.  Her highly trained Nurse Practitioners have been treating hormone patients for more than 10 years and are accepting new patients.  In Waco call (254) 230-4225 to schedule with Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Suzy Hancock.  In Boerne call (830) 981-9540 to schedule with Family Nurse Practitioner, Nancy Beebe.

Want to order some of the Hist DAO mentioned above? You can order pharmaceutical grade supplements through Xymogen Xpress.  Simply go to Xymogen.com, Patients, Xymogen Xpress, and register.  Call or email our offices to get your Referral Code.  Physician Code is always: Miskell.

Picture of  Dr. Melissa Miskell
Dr. Melissa Miskell

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