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We now accept insurance for lab testing in our office!

We now accept insurance for lab testing in our Hormones by Design offices!

In an effort to make top-notch care more affordable or our patients in Waco and Boerne, we will now take insurance for labs, as well as, still offering cash labs.  So come in and we can test everything from your cholesterol, to your liver function, to your level of inflammation…all through your insurance.  We want to make sure that all your blood markers are at the best possible levels because we want you as healthy and vibrant as possible!  Interested in being tested?  Call our office today or drop by for your blood draw on or after September 4th, 2018.

Office visits will still be the one simple price of $100. Labs will now be sent to you insurance.

If you do not currently have insurance, it’s no problem! We have made the hormone labs necessary for injections even more affordable. As an example, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, and SHBG will now be only $40, or $10 per lab test for injection patients.

Picture of  Dr. Melissa Miskell
Dr. Melissa Miskell

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