Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)








Do you accept insurance?

We do not.  We have founded our practice on affordable pricing for exceptional health care.

Are my labs sent to insurance?

They can be if you are getting a large panel of labs.  For patients only getting a few labs, paying cash is normally the best option. We charge very affordable rates for our lab testing.  You will be surprised.

Can you provide me with billing information so that I may try to file my own claim?

Unfortunately no.  Since we are designed as a cash based practice, we do not have billing software to generate any type of claim information.

How long before I can start my treatment?

Within one week to ten days.

What is the difference in Injections, Oral Medications, and Pellets?

Honestly, this is mainly patient preference.  Most of our patients prefer the injections due to the way they can be changed and perfected each month based on your labs and symptoms.  However some patients travel too much and need the oral prescriptions or the time-released pellets (hormone implants).

Do I need to be fasting for my blood draw?

For a hormone test you do not need to fast.  If your provider is testing something other than hormones it is best to ask if you need to fast.